Puruntong-Jones family(clockwise from top left Matutina, Doña Delilah G. Jones, Rolly J. Puruntong, Marsha J. Puruntong,John H. Puruntong and Shirley J. Puruntong)

The Puruntong family consists of the following:

  • John H. Puruntong(Dolphy)- father of the Puruntong family. He is a responsible "padre de pamilya". He is considered as the "Haligi ng Tahanan."
  • Marsha J. Puruntong(Nida)- mother of the Puruntong family. She is the daughter of Doña Delilah G. Jones. She is considered as the 'Ilaw ng Tahanan."
  • Rolly J. Puruntong(Rolly Quizon)- the eldest sibling of the Puruntong family. He is the husband of Madel Puruntong and the father of Joanna Marie Puruntong. He is considered as the "Panganay."
  • Shirley J. Puruntong-Ramirez(Maricel)- the second sibling and the only daughter of the Puruntong family . She is the strong-willed girl but during her present times she tries to balance her time between her family and her career. She's also the peacekeeper between her father and her in laws.
  • John-John J. Puruntong(Atong Puruntong in the John en Shirley series) He is John's youngest son who unfortunately, has no plans of leaving the nest yet and is always looking for easy ways to get money. He gets into all sorts of stitches because of his troublemaking ways. He is considered as the "Bunso."
  • Madel Puruntong(Madel De Leon)She is John's daughter-in-law and the wife of Rolly J. Puruntong.
  • Joanna Marie Puruntong-