John h. puruntong

John H. Puruntong(latest picture)

John H. Puruntong is played by Dolphy(Rodolfo Vera Quizon) and has a lovable wife Marsha Jones Puruntong(Nida Blanca). He has three children Rolly J. Puruntong(Rolly Quizon), the eldest, Shirley Puruntong-Ramirez(Maricel Soriano and sometimes replaced by Sheryl Cruz when Maricel is not available), the second child and John-John J. Puruntong(Atong Redillas) and in the John en Shirley series, it became Atong J. Puruntong(Vandolph), the youngest. He has grand children including Joanna Marie Puruntong, Nicole P. Ramirez and JP P. Ramirez. He has other relatives including Doña Delilah G. Jones(Dely Atay-Atayan),his mother-in-law , Madel Puruntong(Madel De Leon),his daughter-in-law.

Past Life(1973)Edit

The humurous man and loving father, John H. Puruntong is the embodiment of the Filipino everyman. He is honest, hardworking, loving and most of all, funny! He is a devoted husband to his wife Marsha and a responsible "padre de pamilya" to his children Rollie, Shirley and John-John(Atong). Hence, John always runs into so many misadventures and mishaps which prompt his irrepressible mother-in-law Donya Delilah to shake her head and reprimand her ever famous line, "Kaya ikaw John, mag-sumikap ka!"

Present Life(2006)Edit

He is the ever lovable John who is now in his 70s but is still willing and able to do his part to keep his family happy. Past life experiences helped him become the wise man that he is now. He still feels the loss of Marsha, but keeps moving forward with the help of his daughter.


John H. Puruntong appeared in the following credits:

Television CreditsEdit

  • John en Marsha(1973-1990)KBS 9, RPN 9, FLIP TV
  • John en Shirley(2006-2007)ABS-CBN

Film CreditsEdit

The following John en Marsha movie list which produced by RVQ Productions from 1974 to 1991:

  • John en Marsha sa Pelikula (1974)
  • John en Marsha Part Two sa Amerika (1975)
  • John en Marsha '77 (1977)
  • John en Marsha '80 (1980)
  • Da Best of John en Marsha (1981)
  • Da Best of John en Marsha 2 (1983)
  • John en Marsha '85 sa Probinsya (1985)
  • John en Marsha '86 T. N. T. sa Amerika (1986)
  • John en Marsha Ngayong '91 (1991)